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Wake Up America CD

Wake Up America CD
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Let's defend our Borders, Language, Constitution and Support our Troops!!!
Wake Up America is a unique Cd with a collection of 21 patriotic songs defending Freedom, Values, the English language, Our Borders, the United States Constitution, our American Troops. All music and lyrics composed and produced in the USA by Gianluca Zanna, a legal immigrant from Italy, now a proud American citizen.

Complete Songs Track list "Wake Up America"
01) Wake Up America
02) Thank You America
03) The Wall
04) Just back from Hell
05) Remember the Alamo
06) The Second Amendment
07) Two Angels from the Chopper
08) Live Free or Die
09) I am living in America
10) I want to understand
11) USPS
12) Get US Out of the United Nations
13) Boycott France
14) The Minutemen
15) The Enemies Within
16) Back to Calico
17) Pancho Villa stops here
18) The Legal Immigrant
19) Wake Up America (Acoustic)
20) Thank You America (Rock)
21) When that day will come

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