Curios and Miniatures
Great Display Curios and Miniatures at Wholesale Prices!
Beautiful Glass Curios, Replicas and Miniatures.
You can also choose a Curios Cabinet to Display your Curios!
Beautify your home or make someone happy with country Display Curios!
We hope you find something special in our Curios and Curios Cabinets Selection.
Glass Curios, Display Curios, Replicas and Miniatures Make Great Gifts!

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 Lady In Chair Figurine (SKU: 12370) Lady In Chair Figurine (SKU: 12370)
Art Glass Cat Figurine (SKU: 12978)Art Glass Cat Figurine (SKU: 12978)
Art Glass Dolphin Figurine (SKU: 12680)Art Glass Dolphin Figurine (SKU: 12680)
Art Glass Elephant Figurine (SKU: 12977)Art Glass Elephant Figurine (SKU: 12977)
Art Glass Horse Figurine (SKU: 12671)Art Glass Horse Figurine (SKU: 12671)
Art Glass Ladybug Figurine (SKU: 12979)Art Glass Ladybug Figurine (SKU: 12979)
Art Glass Mallard Figurine (SKU: 12681)Art Glass Mallard Figurine (SKU: 12681)
Art Glass Rooster Figurine (SKU: 12682)Art Glass Rooster Figurine (SKU: 12682)
Art-Glass Dolphin Figurine (SKU: 38996)Art-Glass Dolphin Figurine (SKU: 38996)
Bermuda Tall Ship Model (SKU: 14749)Bermuda Tall Ship Model (SKU: 14749)
Blue Fish Crystal Cut Figurine (SKU: 37927)Blue Fish Crystal Cut Figurine (SKU: 37927)
Jeweled Hen Figurine (SKU: 13888)Jeweled Hen Figurine (SKU: 13888)
Lady Of Leisure Figurine (SKU: 12368)Lady Of Leisure Figurine (SKU: 12368)
Mini Mayflower Ship Model (SKU: 14750)Mini Mayflower Ship Model (SKU: 14750)
Motorcyle Paperweight (SKU: 29569)Motorcyle Paperweight (SKU: 29569)
Murano Glass Mini Elephant Figurine (SKU: 12679)Murano Glass Mini Elephant Figurine (SKU: 12679)
Olivewood Savanna Giraffe Figurine (SKU: 39666)Olivewood Savanna Giraffe Figurine (SKU: 39666)
Passat Ship Model (SKU: 14751)Passat Ship Model (SKU: 14751)
Pewter Chopper Cycle (SKU: 12712)Pewter Chopper Cycle (SKU: 12712)
Rose Garden Mini Tea Set (SKU: 12539)Rose Garden Mini Tea Set (SKU: 12539)
Spun Glass Angel Carousel (SKU: 31390)Spun Glass Angel Carousel (SKU: 31390)
Spun Glass Peacock (SKU: 12489)Spun Glass Peacock (SKU: 12489)
Spun Glass Sailboat  (SKU: 31457)Spun Glass Sailboat (SKU: 31457)
Spun Glass Slipper (SKU: 39663)Spun Glass Slipper (SKU: 39663)
Teddy in Car Figurine (SKU: 12466)Teddy in Car Figurine (SKU: 12466)
Vintage Fire Truck Figurine (SKU: 38198)Vintage Fire Truck Figurine (SKU: 38198)
Wolf and Cub Figurine (SKU: 37936)Wolf and Cub Figurine (SKU: 37936)
Wood Model Motorcycle (SKU: 33199)Wood Model Motorcycle (SKU: 33199)
Wood-Carved Tractor  (SKU: 38866)Wood-Carved Tractor (SKU: 38866)
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