Curios & Miniatures
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 Lady In Chair Figurine (SKU: 12370) Lady In Chair Figurine (SKU: 12370)
Antique Shoe With Bow (SKU: 38269)Antique Shoe With Bow (SKU: 38269)
Art Glass Cat Figurine (SKU: 12978)Art Glass Cat Figurine (SKU: 12978)
Art Glass Dolphin Figurine (SKU: 12680)Art Glass Dolphin Figurine (SKU: 12680)
Art Glass Elephant Figurine (SKU: 12977)Art Glass Elephant Figurine (SKU: 12977)
Art Glass Giraffe Figurine (SKU: 12976)Art Glass Giraffe Figurine (SKU: 12976)
Art Glass Horse Figurine (SKU: 12671)Art Glass Horse Figurine (SKU: 12671)
Art Glass Ladybug Figurine (SKU: 12979)Art Glass Ladybug Figurine (SKU: 12979)
Art Glass Mallard Figurine (SKU: 12681)Art Glass Mallard Figurine (SKU: 12681)
Art Glass Owl Figurine (SKU: 12980)Art Glass Owl Figurine (SKU: 12980)
Art Glass Penguin Figurine (SKU: 12677)Art Glass Penguin Figurine (SKU: 12677)
Art Glass Rooster Figurine (SKU: 12682)Art Glass Rooster Figurine (SKU: 12682)
Art-Glass Dolphin Figurine (SKU: 38996)Art-Glass Dolphin Figurine (SKU: 38996)
Bermuda Tall Ship Model (SKU: 14749)Bermuda Tall Ship Model (SKU: 14749)
Blue Fish Crystal Cut Figurine (SKU: 37927)Blue Fish Crystal Cut Figurine (SKU: 37927)
Country Cow Carved Figurine (SKU: 13981)Country Cow Carved Figurine (SKU: 13981)
Cute Country Cow Carved Figurine (SKU: 14085)Cute Country Cow Carved Figurine (SKU: 14085)
Decorative Curio Shelf (SKU: 39963)Decorative Curio Shelf (SKU: 39963)
Glass Rooster Figurine (SKU: 38998)Glass Rooster Figurine (SKU: 38998)
Hen in Pink Dress Figurine (SKU: 37954)Hen in Pink Dress Figurine (SKU: 37954)
Jeweled Hen Figurine (SKU: 13888)Jeweled Hen Figurine (SKU: 13888)
Lady Of Leisure Figurine (SKU: 12368)Lady Of Leisure Figurine (SKU: 12368)
Lavender Floral Mini Tea Set (SKU: 34502)Lavender Floral Mini Tea Set (SKU: 34502)
Mini Mayflower Ship Model (SKU: 14750)Mini Mayflower Ship Model (SKU: 14750)
Motorcyle Paperweight (SKU: 29569)Motorcyle Paperweight (SKU: 29569)
Murano Glass Mini Elephant Figurine (SKU: 12679)Murano Glass Mini Elephant Figurine (SKU: 12679)
Olivewood Savanna Giraffe Figurine (SKU: 39666)Olivewood Savanna Giraffe Figurine (SKU: 39666)
Passat Ship Model (SKU: 14751)Passat Ship Model (SKU: 14751)
Pewter Chopper Cycle (SKU: 12712)Pewter Chopper Cycle (SKU: 12712)
Pumpkin Coach Glass Figurine (SKU: 38230)Pumpkin Coach Glass Figurine (SKU: 38230)
Rose Garden Mini Tea Set (SKU: 12539)Rose Garden Mini Tea Set (SKU: 12539)
Rowboat Curio Shelves (SKU: 31182)Rowboat Curio Shelves (SKU: 31182)
Small Glass Butterflies (SKU: 37933)Small Glass Butterflies (SKU: 37933)
Spun Glass Angel Carousel (SKU: 31390)Spun Glass Angel Carousel (SKU: 31390)
Spun Glass Cinderella's Slipper (SKU: 31439)Spun Glass Cinderella's Slipper (SKU: 31439)
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